Case Creativity was founded by Jonathan Case, a versatile content specialist with experience in advertising copywriting, journalism, radio production and brand strategy. As a professional in the industry, he noticed that many agencies in Malaysia attempted to re-brand their clients without first determining the message that the brand should portray. Rather than understanding the brand’s audience and what appeals to them, these agencies jumped to the look and image of the brand, ignoring the most important question of all.

Jonathan founded Case Creativity to address these issues, keeping two important ideas at the heart of the company.

Idea #1: A brand’s message comes before everything else

Your brand’s message is the link that ties everything together. It is your uniqueness amongst your competitors, expressed in a way that engages and excites your audience. Once this message is determined (and it’s not easy either), everything else follows.

At Case Creativity, our content creators work to determine your brand’s message first. Only then do we think about the right channels and platforms to operate on.

Idea #2: Specialists are better than generalists

Many agencies work on a “one size fits all” model. You pay big bucks, and they give you the same team that wrote an ad for a detergent brand last week. While you do get experience, there is no way of knowing whether the people you are working with understand your industry and your audience.

We believe that in the digital age, brands should be working with professionals who specialise in their field. We apply this principle through a network of over 50 freelance writers who specialise in all forms of content – from formal press releases to funny radio ads – and in all industries. With these resources, we’re able to form a team catered to your exact needs.

It goes further than that too, in each of our branding projects, we bring together creative professionals according to the task at hand. This may include web development teams, designers, PR professionals or video and photo production teams. The resources we pull together depend on your needs, and this sets us apart from others.

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The Team

Jonathan Case

Managing Director

A.K. Heng

Content Director

Wendi Sia

Content Specialist

Yap Jia Yan

Account Executive

Tengku Zak

Account Executive