Effective branding in this day and age means using different media to meet different audiences, and our network of specialist writers allow you to do just that.


Each of our writers is a professional in their field, either as copywriters in advertising agencies or as experienced freelancers. They bring international-quality writing to the table in one or more of the following areas.

Online Content :

Quality web content not only persuades your customer to buy, but also SEO-ranks and gets you exposure through internet search. We consult you on the right content for your site, and then supply the copy that converts your visitors into customers.

Company Profiles & Brochures :

Your collaterals are the face of your brand, and our writers and designers have the knowledge and experience to make it a happy one. Using our experience in branding, we devise key messages and slogans that reflect your difference and then craft a well-written package around these messages to lure your audience in.

Corporate Video Scriptwriting :

A thoughtfully drafted script gives wings to an idea. We transform your ideas from abstract to physical, while completely preserving its basic essence. We find out that special something that makes your brand unique, then work with award-winning Malaysian video producers to make that vision a reality.

Magazines & Newsletters :

In-house publications are an excellent way for companies to build morale and strengthen company culture. We work with quality designers to create a distinctive feel for your newsletter or magazine, and then pair that with informative and entertaining writing to bring your company to life.


There is nothing more pleasing to read than a well thought-out and written press release. We use experienced PR writers to write yours, ensuring that your key messages are expressed as cleanly and succinctly as possible.


A good speech can be the difference between a boring and a brilliant day. Our professional speechwriters are skilled in finding what is special about an occasion and bringing it to life, giving your guests something to remember you for.


Need intelligent, sophisticated, high quality articles or advertorials? We’ll find you a writer who understands your industry and writes to your personality, allowing you to tell the stories that will build your brand.


We work with experience advertising copywriters who understand the psychology of getting busy consumers to care about your product. Using disruptive, attention-grabbing techniques, our ads will gain your brand eyeballs and eardrums, while drumming up growth too!


An effective letter or electronic direct mailer is the perfect way to develop a deeper connection with your customers. With our expertise, we’ll help you devise a year-long plan for your letters and mailers, writing titles that make your customers want to click, and get them reading about what you have to offer.


Social Media is unique in that it speaks at the level of the consumer, aiming to engage and inspire sharing. To get the most out of social media, you need to be conversational yet brand-driven. Its not as easy as it seems, but thanks to our social media professionals we can make it happen!